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Additional Confidentiality Agreement

Set out below are the terms of agreement between The Company and yourself regarding information protection and confidentiality.

1. (a) In the course of your employment with The Company, you may acquire information belonging to The Company or relating to its business.

(b) In particular, you may acquire information relating to the company compounds, products, business studies, business procedures, inventions, patents or patent applications, manufacturing techniques or customers.

(c) You will treat all such information (particularly information relating to the matters specifically mentioned in sub-paragraph (b) of this clause) as confidential unless and until you have ascertained that it is not.

(d) You will not at any time either during your employment or subsequently, disclose any part of such confidential information to any person whatsoever or yourself make any use of any part of such information for any purpose whatsoever.

(e) You will not at any time after any termination of your employment, whether for payment or otherwise give to any person whatsoever, any information obtained by you in the course of your employment with The Company for the purpose of, or knowing that the same is to be used for, publication in a newspaper or on the radio or television, or in any other medium, without prior written permission of a full-time director.

2. Whilst employed with The Company, you will not engage in any activity in competition with or against the interests of The Company.

3. All inventions, discoveries, improvements, processes, designs, formulae and ideas made or conceived by you, in the course of your employment with The Company, or which it falls within your duty to make shall belong exclusively to The Company.

4. (a) You will promptly disclose to your immediate superior or other authorised person, any such invention, discovery, improvement, process, design, formula or idea. At the request of The Company and at its expense, either before or after termination of your employment, you will assist The Company in acquiring and maintaining patent protection upon and confirming its title to such inventions, discoveries, improvements, processes, designs, formulae and ideas. Your assistance will include the signing of applications for patents, assignments and other papers, co-operating in necessary proceedings, and taking any other steps considered desirable by such company.

(b) You hereby appoint The Company to be your agent and attorney to do any act or execute any deed or other document on your behalf and generally to use your name for the purpose of giving The Company the full benefits of this clause. You agree that any act done by a director of The Company or its associates in pursuance of the foregoing authority given by you shall be conclusive evidence that it was done by and with your authority.

5. You will record descriptions of your work in the manner directed. All such records and copies of them, whether compiled or kept at home or at work, shall be the exclusive property of The Company, and shall be handed over to The Company on demand or upon leaving the service of The Company.









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