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Why all the different start dates?

Bright Contracts allows for 3 dates to appear on the contract.

1.The date of this contract: is the date the current document you are creating will be effective. This may be for a change within the company due to a promotion or a transfer and therefore can be different than the date of commencement.

2.The date of commencement with this employer: represents the date that the employee commenced work with this employer. For all new starts the date of the contract and the date of commencement will be the same.

3.The date of commencement of period of continuous employment: this date should be included if this is a business, which has been subject to a Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) arrangement, and the employee was transferred from the previous company into the current company as part of this arrangement. In this situation the date of commencement with the current employer will be different than the commencement date for continuous employment.



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