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If I want a contract I can just google it for free. Why pay for Bright Contracts?

There are templates for employee contracts and written terms and conditions of employment available on the internet. We would welcome everyone to look at the options that they can get for free and compare them with the trial version of Bright Contracts. We have no doubt that Bright Contracts is much more comprehensive, more user-friendly, and gives the employer a much better end-product. It gives the employer the peace-of-mind that they are compliant! Key benefits include:

Minimal Set-Up Work for Employers

Many free, on-line contract templates are simply guidelines and still involve a lot of input from the employer. The set up of Bright Contracts is simple. It involves less work.

For example there are many free guidelines online for providing the minimum terms and conditions required by law. However, they don't provide the employer with a comprehensive contract of employment. The disadvantage of this is, the contract will be based on the minimum requirements rather than what is the best solution for employers. By its nature it is a neutral document. The Bright Contracts solution has clauses and optional sections that offer the employer more protection in cases of disputes. Examples include the option to pay in lieu of notice, lay off/short time, garden leave, deductions from wages.

A fully working handbook is available without the user being required to enter anything although the system is fully flexible to enter and delete information. This compares with the templates that are available on the internet which are merely guidelines and still require the employer to write most of the details. We have a customer who spent two weeks writing a handbook and when our product became available, took our option instead.

Keeping Track of Contracts

Bright Contracts has an extra advantage - it allows the employer to track whether the employees have received contracts and handbooks, and flags to the employer whenever a temporary contract is nearing it’s end.

Automatic Updates

Bright Contracts will provide updates if there are changes required through legislation changes, or through the effect of case law and best practice. The alternative is that the employer may not become aware of the change required, or if they do become aware would have to rewrite themselves.

Provides Maximum Protection for Employers

The handbook that is provided in Bright Contracts contains disciplinary and grievance procedures that are required by law. Again, the Bright Contracts handbook goes much further and provides the employers with extra clauses and optional clauses that provide much more than the minimum requirement and provides clarity in terms of rules and procedures.




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