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Who will be held liable if the Bright Contracts Software is not up to date with a certain legislative rule and a case arises from this?

If the software content is incorrect on a piece of legislation (and the employer had installed ongoing software and content upgrades) and this directly leads to a loss for the employer then Bright Contracts would have a case to answer. One major benefit of working with the Bright Contracts software is that this should not happen. The Bright Contracts team are monitoring legislative changes on an ongoing basis and will issue updates to the users as necessary when legislation changes that affects the contract or handbook content. Once an employer maintains a licence with Bright Contracts they will benefit from this facility. It is then up to the individual employers to implement these updates to their individual contracts or handbooks

It is the responsibility of each employer to ensure that they are operating within the law in terms of the dealings with their employees. The contract and handbook set out the terms and conditions of the working relationship. By following the procedures set out the employer will be in a better position to avoid claims or to defend them if they do arise. Cases are often lost as a result of employers having no procedures in place, having flawed procedures in place or not following their procedures. It’s also important to note that many of these cases are not based on legislation but rather on good practice and previous case law. Therefore Bright Contracts are also regularly checking case law and best practice and will also issue updates if required on this basis



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