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We realise that the drafting of contracts and handbooks can seem like a daunting prospect for employers, best left to the experts. By using Bright Contracts you have the assurance that it has been designed and populated by experts with the aim of simplifying the process for the end user in mind. It has been designed in such a way that anyone with the basic information about the company and the employees can set up the contracts and handbook without requiring any human resource or employment law expertise.

A readymade handbook is available without a requirement for any input with additional clauses available if required. To create the contract the user will just have to select the appropriate tick boxes and fill in basic information about the employee. Once one contract has been created, this can be copied and used as the template for the creation of contracts for other employees. Bright Contracts also contains useful information boxes throughout the system to help guide the user.



The new standard in payroll software, now available for employers in the UK and Ireland.

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Bright Contracts

Create tailored professional employment contracts and staff handbooks. Available for employers in the UK and Ireland.

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