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Letter for New Contract of Employment

Employee Name




Following our recent meeting you will be aware that the company (a) has updated our contracts of employment OR (b) is introducing contracts of employment for all employees.

If (a) used above:
As discussed it is the Company’s intention to regularly review employee contracts to ensure they accurately reflect actual working conditions and are up-to-date with relevant employment legislation.

If (b) used above:
As discussed the Company has an obligation under employment legislation to issue contracts and in doing so we are ensuring that the Company remains fully compliant and that all areas of your employment are correct and legal.
Please now find enclosed two copies of your new contract. The new contract simply clarifies your existing terms and conditions of employment. However I would ask you to carefully review the contract to ensure you are satisfied with its contents. Should you have any questions or comments in relation to the contract please raise them with me by [DATE]. Please then sign both copies of the contracts returning one to me and keeping one for your own records by [DATE].


Yours sincerely



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