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GDPR and Bright Contracts

Data Protection has always been a concern for Bright Contracts and we’ve always aimed to act with complete integrity in this regard. But like all companies in preparation for GDPR, we have had to complete a total review on how we gather, maintain and use data.

Data Files

Firstly, Bright Contracts does not have access to your data files, except where they have been submitted for support reasons. We have no control over the authority, the quality or safety of the data input. You and you alone are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your records. Whilst we have security measures in place to protect your data, it remains your responsibility to keep your sign-in details secret, to sign off from Bright Contracts when you are not using it and to ensure there is no unauthorised access to your computer.

How we’re preparing

Some of the key changes that we’ve made that will affect our customers include;



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