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Jul 17

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Lauren Conway

Are casual dress code policy’s becoming the norm?

It seems that many traditional firms are relaxing their formal corporate dress code policies in favor of casual dress codes in an attempt to attract young engineers, IT and tech workers. Recently Goldman Sachs adopted a new “year-round casual dress code policy”, applying it to their technology and engineering divisions. As the new policy came into place employees were reminded to monitor situations when it is best to adapt to business attire, particularly if they have client meetings.

This summer has seen a growing trend in the UK to move away from strict dress codes. The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has urged employers to relax dress codes, if only temporarily, during warmer weather, particularly giving relief to office male workers who often have to wear a suit, tie, and shirt. A growing number of companies are continuing on with this trend as many see strict dress codes as being outdated and are unable to justify not having a more relaxed dress code for certain sectors.

Fast-growing technology companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, have long adapted to the expectation of a more relaxed generation of workers and are now synonymous with casual dress codes.

JP Morgan adopted a “business casual” dress code last year and although London bankers were initially wary of the change, reports now say that most people are embracing it and workers are rarely seen in a suit and tie unless they are at a client meeting.

If you do wish to implement a dress code policy for your business you must include the policy in your staff handbook and ensure all employees are aware of it. Whatever your policy, employees should be reminded to adhere to the highest standards of personal appearance at all times and dress in clothes that are suitable for the work situation.

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