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Apr 15

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Michelle Arkins

Employment Appraisals, what are they?

Employment Appraisals are meetings that can be held every three months for the first year of employment and six months thereafter. They help clarify expectations and required standards, assist the development of new and existing staff and help keep a record of experience, training, strengths, and weaknesses.

Managers carry out appraisals to monitor actual performance; deal with problem areas and most importantly gain valuable feedback from employees. They should be conducted in a positive and open manner to help create an effective working relationship between the employee and the employer.

They are extremely useful and necessary during an employee’s probationary period. During the probationary period, performance in doing the job and potential abilities are evaluated to determine suitability for the position and the company. This should be set out in the company’s handbook which outlines the company’s probationary policy.

In a nutshell appraisals help the company:

• Evaluate employee performance during the probationary period
• Praise and encourage individual strengths
• Identify training requirements
• Evaluate suitability for continued employment

The company should provide adequate training and additional assistance if required, should the employee fall short in their duties. It is important to document meetings with employees during their employment and keep a copy of such on their staff file. You will need this documentation should a grievance arise during or after employment and also to refer back to it, if promises or follow up were made. It is important to keep up to date, accurate records, should you find the employee unsuitable and it becomes necessary to dismiss them.

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