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Mar 23

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Charlotte McArdle

Celebrating Women in Tech with Neeraja Sankar

At Bright we celebrate all our employees achievements and progress in the Tech industry everyday, but with International Women's Day being upon us we wanted to shed a light on some of our amazing women by gathering a few of our Bright women and hearing what International Women's day means to them, who the inspiring women in their lives are, an important piece of advice they have been given and much more. We recently interviewed Neeraja Sankar who has given us her thoughts on IWD.

Question: Why do you think diversity in the workplace is so important?

Neeraja: Although this is a IWD piece, I think diversity, beyond gender diversity, can be incredibly beneficial for an organization. A diverse workforce means our people can bring to the table varied opinions, thoughts, and viewpoints because of their different backgrounds – the more varied our perspectives, the more innovative and agile we can be as a company. For a company like Bright that is constantly evolving, and thinking of better ways to meet our customers’ needs, this diversity in viewpoints is invaluable and in turn, leads to increased employee engagement and morale.

Question: What is your proudest achievement whilst working here?

Neeraja: Our HR team once shared a candidate was drawn to interviewing for Bright, specifically because our leadership team had a good gender balance (we’re working toward making this even more balanced!) – whilst this is not a direct achievement of mine, I felt incredibly proud that I am part of a leadership team that is aspirational for people.

Question: What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

Neeraja: Believe in yourself and your potential but balance that with being humble and self-aware
Have a strong sense of purpose, and let it be the foundation for what kind of leader you want to be
As a leader, you often have to ask yourself “who can I work on this with?” - surround yourself with people who have similar principles to yours, and inspire confidence through your actions and vision
Seek out a mentor – having a mentor can do beneficial with building your confidence and opening doors to new opportunities

Question: What is the most important piece of advice you have been given?

Neeraja: This is not direct advice that was given to me but I learnt a lot when from a leader I worked with, who was excellent at bringing people along in her journey. As mentioned above, leadership a lot of the time is working with others, and this particular leader I worked with was always looking for opportunities to build and lift her team up. She was good at recognizing others’ strengths, and empowered and equipped them to contribute to their full potential. This worked wonders for her, her team and the organization she worked for. This principle of elevating people I work with and bringing them along in my personal journey as a leader underpins my approach to work and leadership.

There's much to celebrate about women's achievements. Gains are made for women worldwide, but there's more to do. Collectively, we can all challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination & draw attention to bias. Let's #EmbraceEquity to create places & spaces where women thrive.


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