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Jan 17

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Laura Murphy

4 Tips to Banish your Employee's January Blues

The third Monday in January has officially been reported as the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday. Research also shows that the month of January has the highest rate of sick leave.

After the hype and excitement of December, January brings lighter bank balances, tighter waistbands, and overall melancholy that the fun and festivities are over for another her. So it’s not surprising that your employees will catch the “January Blues”, feeling tired, unmotivated, lacking energy and focus. However, the New Year is also a time for fresh starts, a time to plan and to set targets for the months ahead.

Here are our top tips on how to stamp out the January Blues in your workplace:

Generate enthusiasm

To help generate enthusiasm, you need something for staff to look forward to that will be energetic and fun. Why not introduce a team building event or social event? Something that will refocus the team, it’s upbeat and entertaining. Even a team lunch on a Friday afternoon will lighten the mood and enthuse staff to apply themselves.

Set targets

 Goal setting in January is a good idea. It allows you to set out plans for the year ahead and let your employees know what the key objectives for the business are – and how they will play a crucial role in achieving that. Along with setting Company goals, set individual goals, and team goals.


A key factor in driving motivation amongst employees, is the feeling of being recognised for their work and achievements. Acknowledging employees for a job they have done well, will make them feel valued and encourages them to continue doing what they do effectively.

The impact of simply saying thank you, can go a long way. These two words, can have an overwhelming effect on employee engagement and productivity.

Workplace wellbeing

One of the most popular New Year resolutions people pledge, it to lose weight. The chances are several of your team will be looking to achieve this, as they are feeling sluggish from all the Christmas over-indulgence.

As we know, it’s important as an employer to invest in workplace wellbeing and fruit is a fantastic superfood that can help concentration and productivity levels. So why not show your support to staff and their resolution, by providing complimentary fruit platters for employees to enjoy.

The New Year is an opportunity to start fresh and achieve success. You need a fully focused workforce to accomplish this. Follow these top tips to help refocus employees and make 2017 a prosperous year.

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