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Feb 22

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Saoirse Moloney

Employment Engagement Part one: How to Attract and Retain Employees.

Employees who have good quality jobs and are managed well, will not only be happier in the workplace but will also produce better quality work and feel more motivated in the workplace. With changes in the workplace over the last two years, people have switched to jobs that better suit their needs. This has made people rethink what they do, how they do it and who they do it for. The rise in remote and hybrid working has also impacted individual, team and employer engagement.

The most important element on how to attract and retain employees is purpose. Employees need to know and understand the businesses goals and values to feel connected with them. Every job has a purpose, and it is the employer’s job to help people find that purpose.

How can you show purpose?

One way you can show purpose is by giving employees recognition. People want to be recognised for how they are making a difference to the company. A good way to start recognising your employees is by creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace.

How engaged are UK employees?

According to CIPD’s Good Work Index survey, two-thirds of workers are overall satisfied with their jobs. On a day-to-day level, just over half of UK workers usually feel enthusiastic about their jobs, one in three feel “full of energy” and over half are willing to work harder than they are required to.

However, a fifth of workers feel like they are under pressure, they feel exhausted and are likely to quit their job in the next year. The Skills and Employment Survey shows that work has become more intense over recent years mainly due to the rise in customer demands, technological change, and economic recession.

Seven Dimensions of Good Work

What promotes good work in the workplace? The seven dimensions of good work outline the factors in which employees perform better in the workplace.

  • Pay and Benefits
  • Contracts
  • Work-life balance
  • Job design and the nature of work
  • Relationships at work
  • Employee voice
  • Health and wellbeing

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