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Feb 15

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Laura Murphy

Avoid Disability Discrimination When Recruiting

Recent figures released by the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) revealed that almost 40% of disable jobseekers have been discriminated against during the recruitment process. With 82% of disable jobseekers noting that they have had “a negative experience” with a recruiter.

Considering that employment rights protect not only existing employees but also potential employees, employers need to ensure that their recruitment processes are free from discrimination. Failure to do so, could leave employers open to costly discrimination tribunal cases.

To ensure you are an equal opportunities employer, below are some points to consider during your next recruitment campaign.

• Ensure the job description and advert are carefully drafted, they must not be discriminatory.
• All interview candidates should be asked the same core questions, to ensure consistency and a fair approach.
• Selected candidates for interview should be requested to notify the company should they require any reasonable adjustments to be made in order to assist them in attending for interview. Never ask a candidate whether they have a disability.
• If made aware that reasonable adjustments are required employers are legally obliged to provide such adjustments. Reasonable adjustments at interview stage may include:
o Providing recruitment literature in large print
o Holding interviews in accessible locations or removing movable barriers like furniture
o Allowing a guide or guide dog into the workplace
o Providing disabled parking
• Interview questions should solely relate to the requirements of the position and the individual’s ability to carry-out the duties of that position.
o Inappropriate Questions:
 - Are you on any medication?
 - Are you able to use your legs at all?
o Appropriate Questions:
 - Can you perform the essential functions of this role with or without reasonable adjustments?
• Under the Equality Act 2010 employers are not permitted to ask about the health of job applicants before making a job offer. Employers should not ask applicants to complete medical questionnaires at an early stage of the recruitment process, and should definitely not ask the individual to attend any sort of health assessment until after a job offer has been made. Job offers can be made conditional on receipt of a satisfactory medical check.

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